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About Independent Living Services

Independent Living Services (ILS) provides safe, convenient, and affordable supported housing services to those in need less than an hour’s drive and only 20 minutes by train from Bristol.

Located in the beautiful Weston-super-Mare, we have a 20-year history of uplifting and supporting people in recovery from substance abuse and mental health disorders, escaping from domestic violence and abusive situations, and those facing unexpected homelessness. 

ILS can accommodate up to five people with private and secure bedrooms in each of our eight abstinence-based houses, all of which feature clean and well-equipped shared spaces and facilities. We also provide a wide range of support services that help our community develop the skills and confidence needed to return to fully independent living. 

If you or someone you know and love is facing a homelessness crisis or needs a safe space in which to recover, please reach out to ILS. We will gladly and free from obligation discuss your needs and options.

We provide support to individuals facing:

  • Substance abuse and addiction
  • Mental health concerns
  • Domestic abuse
  • Homelessness
  • Life crisis

Our programmes of support

ILS is committed to helping our tenants rebuild their lives in a way that leads to long-term, fully independent living—a life that has meaning, brings joy, and is lived with confidence.

We’ve partnered with several local and national organisations to provide essential support services that empower and uplift our community. Our residents enjoy built-in services that include ongoing therapy and support for addiction and mental health disorders; education, career, and skills development opportunities; legal advocacy and support; and more. 

As important as our support services, if not more, are the incredible past and present residents that make up the ILS community. Having all faced difficult times and overcoming them at ILS, our community offers the type of understanding support and motivation that has helped thousands through their darkest hour through connection and acceptance. Within our community, many have gone from hopeless to leaders who help others rebuild their lives.

Independent Living Services: Flourish Beyond Belief

When addiction, abuse, crisis, or mental health disorders have taken control of your life, ILS offers a second chance at a new beginning with safe, supportive, and accessible accommodation for all.

Why choose Independent Living Services?

Apart from our incredible 20-year record of helping people regain a footing in life and conveniently located facilities, choosing ILS Supported Housing means choosing a recovery partner that understands your questions, fears, and apprehensions. 

Many of the staff and recovery workers at ILS were once our residents, dealing with their own addictions, disorders, or homelessness crises. Having gone through this experience enables them to provide expert guidance and assistance on what to expect and how to get the most out of your stay with us. In an already charged and often emotional time, this personal level of service is invaluable. 

We understand that it takes some people longer to return to fully independent living than others; years of substance abuse and trauma can take their toll. Being located so close to Bristol, our houses in Weston are the ideal place to recover in a supportive environment that is both conveniently located for easy visits from home and far enough away to remove yourself from temptation and threats to your safety or recovery. 

  • Safe
  • Affordable
  • Accessible
  • Personalised Therapy
  • Legal Advocacy and Support
  • Strong & Supportive Community
  • Personal Finance & Debt Counselling
  • Community Engagement & Volunteer Opportunities
  • Education, Career, and Skills Development Opportunities